Welcome to EXTE

Where tradition and innovation meet

EXTE is specialist in roller shutter box and window accessory systems. Since the company was established in 1959, we have grown continuously and consistently introduced new innovations in the market. We are accordingly now recognised as a reliable partner by leading systems retailers, windows manufacturers and installation firms. We offer our customers innovative and customised products at competitive prices. We manufacture a wide product programme with our own tool construction, large development department and our modern production plants, while our own logistics system guarantees reliable deliveries to most parts of Europe.

EXTE roller shutter boxes can be used with every profile system. They provide high performance, meet the relevant standards and are certified. We see ourselves as price and technology leader in the market. We therefore develop and produce all systems and tools ourselves at our three locations in Germany – Wipperfürth, Nienburg and Köthen. We offer direct support to our partners at short notice with our many consultants throughout the market area. In this way, we are also continuously informed regarding market needs and the particular innovations and developments that give our market partners the optimum conditions for successful business.

Dan Friedl, Managing Partner